My dear Bondel Parishioners, devotees of St Lawrence and well-wishers of our
Greetings to you from Fr Andrew Leo D’Souza the new Parish Priest. I have taken
my charge as Parish Priest on 04/06/2018 of this St Lawrence Parish Bondel. Since
then I was the Parish of St Jude Church and Shrine Pakshikere . I was a smaller
Parish of 200 families ,but it was a famous shrine of St Jude,where so many
people come for the devotion of St Jude.
Now here it is much bigger Parish having more than 1100 families. It is also a
developing shrine of St Lawrence. So my pastoral ministry here is more or less
same as that of Pakshikere. But here I have more responsibilities since it is a big
parish. We have two schools and I have to take care of my flock of 1100 families.
Along with me here, there are two more Priests Fr. Leo Veigas who was already
doing his ministry here, and now I have Fr Clifford Pinto, who has come along
with me from Pakshikere, and who is will be taking care of the educational
Ministry as the Principal of St Lawrence English Medium School. He will also assist
me in my pastoral Ministry of the Parish.
We three Pastors are there at your service in this Bondel Parish Since it is a
developing Shrine, We will also cater to the spiritual needs of our devotes of St
Lawrence. Every Tuesday we have Novenas in honor of St Lawrence. So many
devotes come here and they get the assistance of St Lawrence our great patron.
On August 10th we celebrate our shrine feast in very grand manner. Thousands of
people throng here for 9 days Novenas and for the feast. Its really wonderful to
see the faith of the People.
My Vision for this Parish – Through loving Service to the kingdom of God- My
earnest desire is to establish the kingdom of god in the hearts and families of
my people and make this parish as “God’s kingdom “ ದೆವಾಚ್ಯಾ ರಾಜಾಚಿ
ಫಿರ್ಗಜ್ –ಏಕ್ ಮಯಮೊಗಾಚೊ ಎಕ್ವೊಟಿತ್ ಸಮೂದಾಯ್.
Towards realizing this vision I have several plans and projects in my mind,which
will be executed in the days to come. I will continue the good work began by Fr.
Andrew D’Souza the previous Parish Priest. I Expect the whole hearted co-
operation from all Parishioners, devotes of St Lawrence and all our will-wishers.
God belss us all and may St Lawrence intercede for us all
Thank you